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Thursday, May 4, 2017


Oleh : Hanza

Chapter 7

Ewan woke up to find out he was tied on a chair in a dark room. The room was not too small but not too big; in the size of a bedroom. The room was completely empty and there was no window, so he couldn’t guess for how long he had been tied there. His head was still aching from the injury he got in the accident before but luckily the blood had already clotted. Since he was a detective, he immediately got used to the situation and tried to find out a way to get out. However, his mind couldn’t stop thinking about Emily.

‘Where is she? Is she safe? I need to get back to her soon’. Was the only thing he had on his mind.

With his hands both tied, he tried to reach his pocket, just to find something he could use. He realized his mobile phone had already been taken by the person who tied him.

Ewan tried to calm down and analyze the situation. Could it be Jonathan was the one who tied him? And he could be the same person in a black robe who suddenly appeared at the middle of the road, causing him an accident. If that was so, Emily’s life was in danger! He must immediately get out and get back to her.

Ewan kept looking up, down, beside and behind him. He kept studying the room just to find something that could help him. But nothing came to his mind. He then heard sound of water. The calm sound of wave, water splashing that he used to hear since his house was situated beside a river. It could be the person who tied him there did not bring him to far away from where the accident took place earlier, which was London Bridge.

Suddenly, he heard someone humming. The London Bridge song, and the voice was really familiar. That someone opened the only door and entered the dark room. They were wearing a black robe and got their face covered by the hoodie.

Ewan got an uneasy feeling. “Could you be…” he paused, tried to study the figure in front of him. “…Emily?”

Emily took off the hoodie, a smile appeared on her beautiful face.

Feeling glad, he sighed. “Don’t scare me like that. But I’m glad you are okay, Emily.” He looked at her while laughing. “Now please help me untie all this road. And why were you wearing like that? It looks really weird.”

She just stood there. Just like a doll, she kept staring at him.


The smile disappeared on his face.

“Or do you have something to tell about Jonathan?” He asked.

Ewan was not a fool. He knew something was wrong the moment he heard her humming. It could be Jonathan had already found her, it could be he forced her to wear like that, but it could be something else. Suddenly, he remembered his meeting with Inspector Wallace that morning.

“I want to you to read this file, it’s a research upon Emily Hunt’s family.” Wallace told him.

Ewan took the file and read it till the very end. Upon finished reading it, he just stayed silent. Nothing showed on his face. “Where did you get this? “ Was the first question that came out of his mouth.

“From the police department itself. Those were what’s written from the earlier investigation, the case from twelve years ago. Since you knew her close enough, you must know that her parents and her twin brother was killed by burglars in the incident.” Wallace took out a cigarette, put it in his mouth and lit it.

“The case was actually never solved so the further investigation was being passed to me. And I somehow could relate it to this serial killer we are investigating.” He blew the smoke and continued talking. “Two of the victims that had been killed, they were the suspects for killing Hunts family, twelve years ago.”

Ewan just stood there, he stayed silent. Wallace was actually waiting for his reaction.

“I understand. Thanks sir.” Ewan finally broke the silence. “May I go now?” Without further ado, he got out from Wallace’s office room. Wallace just kept observing him, with a face full of secrets until he could not see him anymore.

In the dark, small room they kept staring at each other. Emily then took out a knife from her robe. She was still smiling, with that expression-less face of hers. “I’m sorry Ewan, but…you must die now.”

Ewan did not show any reaction, he just kept staring at her.

“Now you know it, Jonathan doesn’t even exist.” She burst out an eerie laugh. “It was me all the time! It was me but you kept believing in me!”

Ewan did not say anything.

“Now that you know everything, you must die!!” She kept on stating Jonathan was just her imagination all these while, that her twin did not even exist, and she was the one who killed of those victims. She placed the knife near his throat.

Ewan finally said something.

“You were forced to do this, weren’t you?”

She startled.

“Jonathan was the one who forced you to do all this, didn’t he?”

“What are you talking about? He doesn’t even exist! He died twelve years ago, just like my parents.”

“Then why are you crying?”

“Wha-?“ Emily did not realize it, but tears were rolling down from her face.

“But, this doesn’t mean-“ She tried to deny. “This doesn’t mean anything!” But she just kept on crying.

“You can’t fool me, I know you were telling the truth about Jonathan all these while. And Jonathan told you to kill me here, right now, isn’t he?”

Emily did not say anything. She put the knife on his throat, got ready to kill him. However, her hands were shaking.

“I can’t-“She hugged Ewan. “I just can’t kill you…because… I love you so much…” She kept on crying.

“I know it, Emily. I love you too.” Ewan said, he smiled in glad.

“I’m sorry, Jonathan. I just can’t kill him. I love him so much. Just…not him.”

Footsteps could suddenly be heard from outside the room.

“You disappoint me, Emily.” The guy said.

A tall figure, wearing a black robe just like Emily entered the room. He took off his hoodie. His face was full of scars but he looked completely like Emily. It was her twin; Jonathan.

Chapter 6
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