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Thursday, April 27, 2017


Oleh : Hanza

Chapter 6

One week had passed, but the figure of the guy with the black robe was still haunting me. I kept thinking that the guy could be Jonathan. Maybe he was that close to me all these while but I did not realized. Thinking about that somehow made my body shivered. It meant he was watching me all these times; like a watchman! I just couldn’t sleep that night and decided I should take fresh air. I went to the veranda, to the beautiful view of Thames River and London Bridge. Again, I was humming the same song without realizing it; The London Bridge Song.

“Can’t sleep tonight?”

Ewan came from behind. He was holding a blanket. “Here, take this. Aren’t you cold?” He gave me the blanket. I shook my head.

“I’m fine.”

We continued enjoying the night view. It was already 2 am and dawn would come in another 2 and half hours.

“You like that song a lot, huh?” Ewan broke the silence.

“What song?”

He looked at me. “The London Bridge song. I heard you sing it almost every night. And you were humming the song when I came here earlier.”

“I did?”

He burst out a laugh. “How can you not realized it?”

“I really did not realized. “

“Oh.” His face left a question mark. “Okay…anyways,” he continued. “you do know the origin of the song, didn’t you?” I shook my head.

“I did some research about it since I thought you really like the song. There’s a lot of theory behind it though they were never proved scientifically. But it was said a child was buried at the base of the bridge so the child could keep watch on the bridge as a watchman. And it was believed by doing so, the bridge would last long.”

“A child as a sacrifice, huh?” I said to him.

“But isn’t it irony that in the song the bridge is falling down? Maybe the child didn’t properly take watch? But anyways, I think it was just a made up story since archaeologists never found any trace of human there. “ He then yawned. “But still, it’s an interesting story.”

Ewan later said he was going to sleep and passed the blanket to me. “Just use it, it’s getting cold.” He left with a gentle smile. I continued watching the night view. I liked this time the most; a few hours before dawn because the air is fresh and it’s silent.

At around 7 am in the morning, we had our usual breakfast with Ewan’s mom. Ewan suddenly got a call from someone, asking him to meet them. But he didn’t tell me a thing, so I just bear in mind the matter had nothing to do with me.

“Mom, I have to go now. It’s for work.” He said to his mother before leaving.

“But isn’t it Sunday today?” She asked him.

“It’s urgent.”

45 minutes later, Ewan arrived at Baker Street police department and greeted Inspector Wallace. If it were weekdays he could arrive in just 30 minutes. But since it was Sunday, driving was a bit difficult in middle of the city. He thought he called him regarding the serial killer they were chasing but Inspector Wallace actually had another agenda.

“What do you call me here for, sir?” Ewan asked Wallace

“Well, I need to tell you something important…” He paused for a while. “It’s about Inspector Emily.”

“What about her?” Ewan asked. He felt something weird regarding the topic.

“Sorry for asking you to be here today although it’s Sunday. But this matter is not something I should tell on the phone. And since you are the closest to her…I just feel obligated to tell you about this.”

“About what?” Sign of agitation appeared on his face.

Wallace took out a file from a closet at the back of him and put it on the table. On the file it was written ‘Hunt’.

“Actually, I did a search about her background.” He pointed at the file he just taken. “I want you to read it.” It was already noon, but Ewan still hadn’t got back from this matter he called ‘work’. I had nothing to do at the moment so I just sat in front of the TV when I heard the sound of his car.

“I’m back.” He got in from the front door. Ewan somehow looked a bit exhausted. I wondered where he went to.

“Welcome back.” I greeted him. He gave me a deep stare and somehow a gentle, warm smile appeared on his face. The one I hadn’t seen before. Suddenly, he grabbed my left hand.

“Let’s go out for today. You’ve got nothing to do today, have you?”

He was acting a bit weird but I just agreed. Without further ado, I went to my room and got changed. He then drove me to the park near Thames River, the park where he brought me before this. But since it was Sunday, there were a lot more people than before. We dropped by at a café there for lunch and went for a walk.

“Where have you been this morning?” I finally asked him. Upon hearing the question, Ewan just smiled.

“Discovering the truth I guess?” He answered.


“Nothing.” He pointed to a bench under a big, shady tree beside the river. “Let’s sit there. I want to say something.”

After settling down, he took a deep breath and took something from his pocket. It was a red, small box. With a red face, he handed me the box.

“What is this?” I asked him.

“Just….open it.”

I opened the red box to find a ring with small diamond on top of it. What does this mean?

“I’m sorry I’m not as romantic as anyone else, and that was just what I afford to buy, but, anyways!” He looked straight to my eyes. “Emily Hunt…will you marry me?”

My face blushed instantly. How should I react for this?

“Are-are you serious??”

Well, those were not the words I thought should come out from my mouth. But, was he serious?

“Actually, I have this feeling that I might lose you…” He hold both of my hands. “But please believe in me, I will always take care of you…I’ll make you the happiest woman in the world. I promise!” Ewan looked at me with those glittering eyes of his. “No matter what you have done, good or bad, I will always love you.” He gave me a gentle smile.

Was his words had any hidden meaning? I didn’t know. My mind was too occupied with the sudden proposal to think. But the word that came out from my mouth later was ‘yes’.

That was somehow the happiest day of my life. The person closest to me and I loved the most proposed to me. In an instant, I managed to forget about Jonathan, about those dark life I had and about the fact that he would come and haunt me back. I managed to forget all of those. For the first time, I managed to smile again. I did not feel scared anymore.

“But-but, when should we get married?” I asked him.

“Hrmm…as soon as possible. How about tomorrow?”

“You’re serious??”

“Haha! I’m just kidding! Look at your face! Your reaction was hilarious!” I gave him a punch at the stomach. “Ouch!”

It was night that we decided to go back and tell Ewan’s mom about this. While driving, Ewan kept smiling on our way back. And so did I.

However, for some reasons, I had this uneasy feeling. As though all the things I love would get taken back from me once again. But I kept assuring myself that everything was fine. I’ve got Ewan by my side.

When we were crossing the London Bridge to get back to our house, suddenly, in the darkness of night, a black figure, as if a person appeared at the middle of the road. Shocked, Ewan pushed the brake instantly and the car lost balance. The car collided on the road divider .Luckily, I just got a scratch on my right hand. . However, Ewan got a serious injury on his head and he fell unconscious.

“Ewan!!” I shouted. “Ewan! Ewan! Wake up!” I kept on shouting but he did not give any respond. When I checked his pulse, he was still alive. I must immediately bring him to the hospital.

I got out of the car and tried to stop any car that passes by. Unfortunately, no one was crossing the bridge that time. I got back into the car, tried to search for my phone that I put in my handbag to call for ambulance.

Suddenly, I felt a hand pulled me from behind.

Chapter 5
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I'm just a complete novice when it comes to writing. But please enjoy my story~

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