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Thursday, April 20, 2017


Oleh : Hanza

Chapter 5

At a narrow, dark alley in Baker Street, London, people were crowding to see what had happened. Policemen later arrived to found another dead body, with lots of cuts on his back and his internal organs were blurting out from his body.

“Have you heard about the murder cases on newspaper? “This must be the same serial killer!”

Those people kept talking among themselves.

“He must be the modern Jack the Ripper!”

A lot of assumptions about the serial killer suddenly arose. People kept talking about it on social media and many related the case with Jack the Ripper, a serial killer whose identity was never known and was made famous in 19th Century. Mainly because the modus operandi were almost the same, Jack the Ripper would also take the victims’ internal organs.

Upon arriving at the scene, Ewan greeted Inspector Wallace, a 43 year old man who had investigate many cases related to homicides before.

“This is the third victim, isn’t it?” Ewan asked him.

“No, it’s the forth, we found another just this morning but did not tell the public.”

He took a smoke from his jacket and lighted it.

“But there was something really interesting regarding this serial killer…”

Ewan looked at him, waited for him to continue his words.

“All the people he had killed were high-profiled criminals.”

Heavy rain suddenly poured down on the city. A lot of people who were crowding at the alley in the sake of seeing what had happened and take some pictures scattered to find shade. The dead body had already been taken into custody by forensics unit for further investigation. In a car, on their way to the Baker Street police department, Ewan and Inspector Wallace continued their conversation.

“Don’t you think it’s interesting, Ewan? This serial killer has their own sense of justice. What do you think about their action?”

“No matter what, you cannot commit crimes, even if against criminals. This guy’s way of doing things is just not right!” Ewan replied to the question. Sight of anger was showing on his face.

“Yeah, you are right…” he smiled. Maybe because Ewan’s reaction showed he was just a young, hot-blooded man. “Anyways,” he continued. “Where is Miss Hunt? I would be delighted to see her and talk to her regarding the case.”

“Inspector Hunt is busy with another case at the moment, she gives the responsibility to me.”

“I see.” He paused for a while. “There was a young man who said he saw the killer, I would like you to meet him.”

“Yes, sir!” Ewan replied.

At the police department, Ewan met Richard William, a 20-year old college boy who was working part time at a bakery store. Ewan made sure no one was there, and no one would hear their conversation, because he was going to ask some secret questions. Regarding to Richard, he saw the killer who wore dark clothes, stabbed someone at a dark alley on his way home. He was too scared to do anything so he decided to run away.

“Did you see his face?”

“No, it was too dark, I couldn’t see things clearly.”

Ewan took out his smartphone from his jacket and showed Richard the picture of a drawing of Jonathan. The one he had an artist drew before.

“Did he look anything like this?”

Richard were staring at the screen and were thinking for a while.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know…” He scratched his not itchy head. “It was too dark to see his face.”

He kept on thinking.

“And I think he wore something to hide his face…a mask or something.”

“So he was hiding his face, of course.” Ewan murmured to himself. He put back his smartphone in his jacket.

Like usual, the police hadn’t get any useful clue regarding the case. The killer’s work were just too clean, he didn’t leave anything for them to investigate further. Except for Ewan, he already knew the identity of the killer. What’s left was to find his whereabout.

An idea to visit my old house suddenly came to Ewan’s mind. Without thinking much, he drove there with his car. He then later surprised to see what had happened.

My phone was ringing, not the one in my office room, but the one I used only for personal matters. Only a few people knew this number.

“Helo? Ewan?”

“Emily…can you come to your old house? I mean…now!”

“My old house? Why? And what are you doing there anyway?”

“I’ll answer that later. Just come here. I’ve already called the firemen.”


“Your old house is on fire.”

It was almost sunset, I drove there and met Ewan. Firemen managed to drew out the fire but it was too late, my old house had already been burnt to crisp. I looked at the ashes and sighed.

“That’s it, Jonathan had decided he won’t leave anything behind.” I said.

“But why would he burn the whole house?” Ewan asked me back.

The question was left without any answer.

It was already night when both of us decided to go home. We needed a rest from all these messes. Since Ewan’s house situated beside Thames River, we had to go through London Bridge to get back home. And since both of us came with different cars, we had to drive separately.

And then, on the bridge, I saw it-a figure with a black,long robe at the side of the road.

It was too dark to see his face, but I got this eerie feeling, as if the guy was smiling at me. I didn’t stop my car, I was too scared and kept on driving. When I tried to look back from the driver seat’s mirror, the figure was gone.

I tried to assure myself it was just my imagination.

Chapter 4
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I'm just a complete novice when it comes to writing. But please enjoy my story~

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