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Thursday, April 13, 2017


Oleh : Hanza

Chapter 4

I told Ewan everything- about my parents-how they got killed by burglars, about Jonathan-which he had been acting weird since then and about Aunt Annie’s death. But no one knew Jonathan had killed her, because he threatened me not to tell anyone. And no one in their sane mind would ever expect or accuse kids to be a killer. After that, Jonathan succeed to keep me shut completely. He abused me mentally for a few months, until he disappeared one day. On that day, I finally felt a slight of freedom, though I was always being hunted by the thought of him coming back.

Ewan was my classmate at grade 6th that time. I used to get close with his mother; Mrs Layla because she always treated me kindly, maybe because I’m an orphan.

“My husband died when Ewan was so little, I bet he can’t even remember his face. So, I think he really understands your feelings, Emily. I want both of you to become good friends.”

Was what she once told me. After knowing about Aunt Annie’s death, she asked me to stay with them. I was just able to accept the offer after Jonathan had left, because I knew he would not agree to it. That’s why, no one knew Jonathan even exist. It was like; I kept his existence completely shut.

Upon hearing my confessions, Ewan just stayed silence all the time. Sometimes he left a shocked expression, like he just couldn’t believe what he had heard. I thought he was going to scold me for keeping those things secret all these times. I bet he was going to question my position as an inspector, that I had protected a criminal all these while. I bet he was going to accuse all those people Jonathan had killed on me. But he just sat there. Silence. He was in his own deep thought.

“I think…”
After the long silence, he finally decided to talk.
“I think we should tell everyone about this.”

Those words surprised me. I suddenly felt all the burdens on my shoulders. I knew I was the one at fault for keeping secrets, I knew he had the right to be angry at me, but it was Ewan who said the words…the person I believed the most in this world!

“I completely understand your situation, Emily. But…just think like this. Jonathan would keep on killing innocent people until we caught him. We must put priority on catching him first. We are risking people’s lives here.”

That was a normal reaction I would expect from everyone; people’s lives are the first priority. But why did my heart hurts that those words came from Ewan?

He then got up from his seat and was ready to leave my office room.

“I’m going to order everyone to search for Jonathan Hunt. Finding him will be our first priority.”

Without realizing, I grabbed his hand.

“Please, Ewan, don’t tell everyone. I don’t want anyone to know about this.”

Ewan then grabbed my shoulders.

“You don’t understand Emily! Your life is the one at risk here!” The tone of his voice suddenly changed. “You saw that note he left, didn’t you? It means he will come back, he will get you back! Who knows what that guy will do to you!” Changing from the high tone, he then spoke softly.

“I just don’t want to lose you, that is…”

Without knowing, tears started rolling down from my face.

“Please…Ewan…for my sake….do not tell anyone about this…”

Ewan was lost for words, maybe because it was his first seeing me crying.

“I finally started my new life without him, I don’t want to go to those times back…”

Ewan just stayed silent, again, he’s in his own deep thought.
He then wiped my tears and hugged me firmly.

“I’m sorry, Emily. I didn’t consider your feelings…I won’t tell anyone.” he continued. “But still, I’m going to catch Jonathan. Even if by myself.

I couldn’t sleep that night. My mind was filled with how I should face everyone tomorrow. Ewan finally agreed not to tell anyone, but I was actually the one at fault for keeping those secrets all these times. I should at least help him! Weren’t I the one responsible for my own twin?

To calm myself down, I looked out from my bedroom window, to the beautiful view of London Bridge. Again, I started humming, without realizing.

“London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady.

Take a key and lock her up, lock her up, lock her up.
Take a key and lock her up, my fair lady.

How will we build it up, build it up, build it up?
How will we build it up, my fair lady?

Build it up with silver and gold, silver and gold, silver and gold.
Build it up with silver and gold, my fair lady.

Gold and silver have I none, have I none, have I none.
Gold and silver have I none, my fair lady.

Build it up with needles and pins, needles and pins, needles and pins.
Build it up with needles and pins, my fair lady.

Pins and needles bend and break, bend and break, bend and break.
Pins and needles bend and break, my fair lady.

Build it up with wood and clay, wood and clay, wood and clay.
Build it up with wood and clay, my fair lady.

Wood and clay will wash away, wash away, wash away.
Wood and clay will wash away, my fair lady.

Build it up with stone so strong, stone so strong, stone so strong.
Build it up with stone so strong, my fair lady.

Stone so strong will last so long, last so long, last so long.
Stone so strong will last so strong, my fair lady.”

Later, I fell in deep sleep.

The next day went like usual. I finally had the courage to face everyone. People said I looked so strong outside, I was always expressionless, people thought nothing would affect me. But I myself did know I was so fragile inside. I felt the emptiness. I was actually a coward myself. Maybe it was because all those mental abuse Jonathan had done to me.

“We are going to take half day leave for today, my lady.”
Ewan suddenly came into my office room, without knocking, with a broad smile.
It was like he could just forgot all those things happening yesterday, Ewan was so strong.

He suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me out from the room.

“What the- where are we going??”

“On a date. Where else?”


Without answering my tonnes of questions, he just drove me to a park beside Thames River. With a smirk, he said we were going to do something there. I just couldn’t understand this guy.

“Here, we’ve arrived, let’s take a walk in this park.”

I just agreed without saying anything because I knew he wouldn’t answer me anyway. But I was ready to punch this guy if he dare do anything to me. I’ve got black belt in karate and he knew it.

Nonetheless, the view of Thames River was so nice. It would be a great place to take a break from all those piles of works. I then saw people crowded at a place. Some of those people were holding sets of brushes and painting on canvases.

“They are street artists. Interesting, isn’t it?” Ewan told me with a smile and grabbed my shoulders. “Now then, sit!”


He forced me to a sit on bench, in front an old man with-I’d say with fantastic-moustache. The guy looked friendly though.

“What a lovely mademoiselle! Tu es belle!” The old man said.

“Huh? Tu es-what?”
“Tu es belle. It means ‘you are pretty’ in French. And mademoiselle means ‘miss’. I bet this he came from France.” Ewan whispered to me.

“Since when you know French?” I whispered back.

“I learned a bit. They said it can be used to pick up girls.”

Damn this playboy.

The old guy then said he came from France to discover the beauty of London. He had been travelling to many other countries before such as Spain and Germany, as a street artist. And a lot more information I needn’t hear.

“However, I am glad I could I could meet you today, mademoiselle.”

“Oh? Why?”

“You are the prettiest girl I’ve found in this town, mademoiselle. You remind me of a bische doll. If only you would smile, I bet you’d be the prettiest girl I’ve found in my whole life.”

The old guy somehow managed to make me blushed. But, wait-was it just another line to pick up girls?

“Don’t worry about her, monsieur. She’s always like this; expressionless. We often call her Ice Queen, or Iron Lady.” Ewan said spontaneously. I then stepped on his right foot in anger. “Ouch!”

“So, how do you want me to draw you, mademoiselle? I’d be delighted to draw your pretty face on my canvas.”

Ewan and I exchanged looks. “I’m sorry my request is a bit weird, but can you draw her as a guy? I mean…a short-haired guy.”

Now I know what was Ewan’s objective. He wanted to know the current look of Jonathan since we’re identical twins. Since birth, our faces had always been the same. I bet he now looked completely like me. Though our physical attributes would be different, of course.

“That’s a weird request…but I can do it, monsieur.” He glared at Ewan. I bet the old guy had some weird opinions on Ewan now.

Chapter 3
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