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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Oleh : Hanza

Chapter 2

I could see it-our old house

I could see it-the scene of Jonathan’s back. We were playing chase in the backyard. Jonathan always won because he was faster.

I could see it- the scene where mom and dad were sitting on the bench under our big, shady cherry tree. Mom said Dad planted the tree the day Jonathan and I were born. Mom was laughing and Dad was sipping a cup of tea with a peaceful smile.

But all of those happy moment were gone in a split second.

One of those days burglars broke into our house. They killed mom and dad mercilessly, and left their dead bodies lying on the floor. That was the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning. But not Jonathan, he had seen the whole scene.

“They killed mom and dad like they were insects…” was the only thing he told me. And then he decided to keep quiet. He didn’t talk to anyone, even me. He didn’t even respond to some of detectives who were assigned to investigate the case. He just kept shut and began to isolate himself.

For me, that was the worst yet tragedy to happen. I kept crying all the time. I lost interest in anything else and really needed moral support. But with Jonathan acting like that, I felt like I no longer had anyone in this world.

And then Aunt Annie came. She was assigned to take care of us because she was the closest relatives. But we didn’t like her, because she would always get angry at smallest things. There was once she locked me in the store room because I came back late. But I had no choice, I had school project at the time. Meanwhile Jonathan, he continued isolating himself. He didn’t want to go to school and always stayed in his room.

Later, I found Jonathan’s behaviour became weird and more weird. He was always talking to himself alone in the dark. Everytime I saw him or dropped by in front of his room, I would see him murmured something I didn’t understand. But he didn’t threaten or beat anyone. He was being aloof all the time.

There was once I secretly entered his room. And later was terrified to found out he hanged a lot of animal corpses on the wall. He found me out but didn’t do anything to me. He was expressionless all the time but only God knew what he was thinking. But one thing I was sure of-I had lost my big brother.

Later, Aunt Annie became more aggressive. She started pointing out her anger at me and there was once she hit my shoulder with a ketchup bottle. I had a serious wound and couldn’t sleep that night from the injury. Suddenly, Jonathan entered my room. It was thunderstorm outside, I could see his face flashed in the dark.

“Hey, Emily….”

He grinned.

“Do you want me to kill that bitch?”

I was shocked by his words.

“K-kill…you mean Aunt Annie?”

“Yes. That bitch hurt you didn’t she?”

He looked at my wound. A worried expression suddenly appeared on his face. I hadn’t seen that side of Jonathan for months, since mom and dad had gone. I thought Jonathan had come back to his senses. He then took out a bandage and begun wrapping my wound.

“Emily, you know…” Jonathan broke the silence. “I just realized that we only had each other now.”

… “So as your twin, and your older brother, I should take care of you.”

… “I won’t let anyone hurt you anymore.”

… “We came from the same womb, we were born at the same time, we are meant to be together. Forever.” With those words which I thought reassuring at the time, he disappeared into the dark.

Woke up the next morning, I found Aunt Annie’s dead body lying on the floor.

Chapter 1
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I'm just a complete novice when it comes to writing. But please enjoy my story~

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