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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Oleh : Hanza

Chapter 1

“Stop, Jonathan!” Please stop!” I begged my older twin brother. “Please! Have mercy!”. He was holding a butterfly knife in his right hand and my cat; Tomy in his left hand.

“You don’t need this thing, Emily. All you need is me” He looked at me with a creepy grin.

I didn’t know why, I was too scared. Too scared to snatch Tomy and run away. Too scared of what my twin brother would do to me. Too scared of what I had seen he did to Aunt Annie before this. The only thing I could do was crying and kept on begging. Until I saw them-his merciless eyes.

In front of my small, 12 years old body, he totally looked like a devil who wanted to eat its prey.

Then, he did it- he stabbed Tomy’s head really hard its blood splattered on my face.

12 years later…

I cleared my throat, and tried to control my expression. Wearing a white shirt, a black coat and a pair of slack trousers, I walked steadily into my office. My co-workers stopped and looked at me with admiration. Some of them were friendly and greeted me on my way. “Good morning, Inspector Hunt.”

I lived in the world where no one know about my dark past, no one would question about where I came from, and no one know I had a twin brother named Jonathan. People know me as Emily Hunt- the youngest police inspector in London. And some said I was the most capable policewoman in years.

Yes, no one know my own twin was a killer.

I never had the chance to properly stay at my office, because London city was never free from crimes. A murder case was reported and I had to be at the scene because we didn’t have enough workers. Ewan Scarlett, my under-worker who was also a best friend, tag along. Among my under-workers he was the closest to me since I had live at his and his mother’s house since 12 years ago. It was around that time when mom and dad were killed by burglars and Jonathan went missing. Also, I’ve had crush on Ewan but decided to keep it a secret.

“The dead guy is lying over there!”

With a freaked face, the janitor pointed at the man who was lying on his back. Its not a normal thing to find a smelly, dead body when you were picking trash, on such a bright day.

I studied the dead body. He looked like an American, on his late 30’s. Ewan and I wore gloves and started investigating, while forensics unit were on their way.

I took his wallet from his back pocket. There were a whole lot of money, a passport, some credit cards and an identity card. It just proved he wasn’t killed for robbery.

“Adam Frailes, 34 years old, American.”

Ewan held his shoulder, looked at me for confirmation and flipped the corpse. The dead man’s back was full of cuts and stabs you could see his organs blurting out.


Ewan studied the wound.

“The person who did this must be a devil itself.”

The words somehow rang a bell in my head. I knew a person who would be able to do this. But no, its not him! He had been missing for twelve years already. I tried to assure myself. But before I realized it, my hands were shaking.

Forensics unit arrived and took the corpse to the hospital for further investigation. People started crowding at the scene to see what happened. Depending on who Adam was, it could be a high profiled murder case.

When we arrived at the office, Ewan started his analysis in front of our assigned team for the case. On his best, he tried to simulate the murder.

“The weapon used by the murderer was just a butterfly knife. Its proved by the sizes of the cuts on the dead body. The murderer came from behind, stabbed Adam numerous times, and when he collapsed on the floor, he started dissecting his body. “

He pointed on the diagram on the whiteboard in front of him.

“The only missing part of the dead body is his heart.” It meant the killer murdered Adam and later took his heart. For what reasons, only God knows.

Based on the analysis, I didn’t know why, the only thing played on my mind was just Jonathan. I was familiar enough with his modus operandi. Jonathan liked butterfly knives. And he would stab his prey numerous times before began cutting and dissecting them. And yes, he would take their hearts for God knows what reasons.

He had done the same to Tomy.

Or Aunt Annie.

But I just kept it shut.

I didn’t want people to know he was a killer.

But, did he come back? Why?

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I'm just a complete novice when it comes to writing. But please enjoy my story~

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